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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stifling Warren = Win for the Democrats

Yes, it sucked balls that Elizabeth Warren was made to stop reading the letter from Coretta Scott King. That letter was pertinent to considerations of Sessions as the district attorney. Is it a grand idea to have a homophobic, racist, white supremacist as our D.A.? Of course not. However, when McConnell invoked the fabled Rule 19 to halt Warren's reading of the letter, it was a win for the Democrats, in the long-term. It basically ensures that this asshole will only be our D.A. for a max of four years. It's also a point toward the Democrats taking the midterm elections.


Because Warren is now a martyr. Because the Republicans realized their mistake immediately after it was made, which is why they let three other senators read the same letter aloud in protest. Elizabeth Warren had already achieved goddess-like stature among the standard Democrat crowd, particularly with the young progressives (and some unnamed purple hippos). But now she's got that classic American mythology behind her for all to see: she's the underdog, and she's taking a stand for what she believes in a very nonviolent way, only to have the rug whisked out from beneath her. And from the working class standpoint - those critical voters who fluctuate between the Republicans and the Democrats, wondering who is actually going to help them (hint: none) - when something gets pushed under the rug, they wonder why.

I am a part of this working class.

We don't trust politicians in general. Nor should we. They haven't done anything for us since, oh, maybe LBJ. So when one politician stops another one from talking altogether, we wonder why. We wonder what's being kept from us. We wonder if the guy who is being forced to shut up is the one we should actually listen to.

And we're going to keep right on wondering for the next two years. The more the Republicans stifle the Democrats, the better chance the Democrats have at beating them in the midterms.

Of course, the purple pottamus is going to kick all of their asses and take over the world, because they've all had enough chances to screw it up. Purple hippo in a political china shop, coming through - broken pieces of political royalty all over the floor in my wake. Crush the oligarchy!

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